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Coin Master – The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

   Coin master is a simple and easy farming game with a lot of interesting events. The concept of the game is unique and a great mixture of city building and slot machine. In the game, you have to work to make your village better. Moon Active is a famous game company, and it is also the developer of coin master. You need to focus on all the resources to earn coin and spins. Use more effort to boost the level of your performance.

How to play    

It is simple to play the game if you know the basics and controls. If you are the beginner, then you have to learn many more things to play it correctly.

  • All Player have to construct several of buildings to make the village better.
  • Give your best to collect 20 stars for unlocking the new villages.
  • Upgrade all these buildings and materials to up your level.
  • Earn coins first, because it is the primary currency available in the game.
  • Use the slot machine to earn the maximum attacks, raid, and coins.
  • Attack the villages of other players to loot all items which you need for the town.

Focus on the game 

Spend more time on the game, if you want to earn more and win more or by trying Coin Master Cheats.  Enjoy the interesting features and impassive gameplay. You should try to collect the coins and spins by winning more battles.  There are many things available which you can earn from the spin like shields, spins, raids and more. It is better for you to use the shield for saving the village from attacks. Don’t miss to use the free spin which is given by the game after an hour. Attack more and more villages to steal the coins and more material.

It is beneficial for you to have a power of pigface because you can raid the village of the master by using it. On the other hand, it is not easy to find the power of pigface; you have to spend more time o the game.


In my opinion, the game base on attacks and coins, so earn more coins and take revenge from all of your enemies. It is the simplest game, and everyone should try to play it once. It does not require having special skills in the game to be a strong player.

How To Achieve 3 Stars In Pixel Gun 3D

How To Achieve 3 Stars In Pixel Gun 3D?


Have you ever wondered that how some gamers are able to progress with ease? If yes, then you may have tried to find the right answer but no solutions right? This is all about strategy that is leading them to the path of success. Basically, such gamers use tricks like spending resource wisely and going slow in the beginning to learn everything. Pixel Gun 3D is the best game where you can find such things. you are here to earn resources and kill zombies, boss and other characters. This is easy to win over zombies however, skills are required. If you are playing this game for the first time then you are able to use some tricks and get benefits. If you are playing a level and you want to get 3 stars then you can follow the basic guide because this can help.


While playing a survival level or battling in multiplayer match, try to kill all the subjects to get 1 star. If you do this thing fast and make sure that you don’t get any hit or lose any energy then this can help in getting 2 stars. Now, the last one is little bit typical because you have a time limit in the game and if everything go well in this time and you win over the subjects then the 3 stars goes for you. This also have a good profit as it can provide many coins and few gems. This is one of the most used method and many people have gained benefit of it. Try to make sure that you use good weapons to win otherwise this is hard to complete a stage in given time. Hiding is not the option so start moving and killing.