Commonly asked questions on episode episode hack choose your story game

With the advanced incorporation of gaming all over the world, the episode choose your story game is gaining traction if the downloads that the people are transacting is to go by. The episode choose your story is an interactive game that helps you socialize with other character’s in the game episode choose your story cheats using your own character and thus very engaging game to play. It has over the years been developed and improved with the new version released on the 11th of October 2017. The gaming fraternity has been asking questions regarding the game, which this article will delve on some of them.

How do I replay the story?

The episode choose your story game is played in stories and episode of those stories, the game has the option of replaying the gam once you have finished playing it and it is not boring as the courses of the game keeps changing. Therefore, in case you want to replay the story that you had played, you need to go to the story that you want to replay, and then click the three dot signs that you see in the lower corner of your screen, which will give you three options, which are share, replay, or record. You just have to click the replay and there you go you can enjoy your game once more.
How old must I be to play this game?
The episode choose your tory game has some mature themes in it, it is specifically developed for the teens and grownups who know of the different story genres like comedy, mystery, love and many more. The episode choose your story hack recommended age for you to start playing the game is if you have clocked the age of 13 years and above. At this age, you are able to read and write the story correctly and effectively without a hitch.
How to recharge passes work
The episode choose your story revolves around using of passes so as to go to the other level, the time you wait while playing the game you will get the recharged passes when the time elapses. Once they are complete, the passes are automatically added into your passes and therefore you are not required to don anything about them.

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