Dream League Soccer is a best mobile game for the Android or IOS users from the first touch games.  It is a very popular soccer game with high graphics and animations. It provides many types of matches like friendly matches, challenge cup or tournament. You can easily manage your team or stadiums in it. You can play it with your friends by using the internet, and an option for offline play is also available in it. Tutorials are also useful for the beginners to find the way to earn currency.   Here I am explaining to you the tips to play Dream League Soccer.

Build a team

You should build a perfect team if you want to play for a long time. A perfect team helps you to win all the matches easily. Always pick the players by their skills or level. Try to select the player properly, because it is the first step to win the matches.


You have to upgrade the stadium from time to time because a big stadium helps you to earn more than a normal stadium.  You can also increase the crowd of the stadium by upgrading them.  You should select the stadium with your team skills or strength.


Money plays a very important role in it because it helps you in many ways.

  • You can upgrade your team with the help of money.
  • You can increase the level of your players by spending money on them.
  • Money is helpful to unlock all the stadiums easily.
  • We can increase the performance of the ball by using the money. It is very helpful for the new player because the best ball has more speed than a simple ball.
  • We can also buy the new player for our team with the help of money.