War Robots Review – Pros And Cons

For many years now, mobile games have become the bane for most gamers. The War Robots is a game that has captured the attention of most people. It is because the game resembles a much popular game, Mechwarrior, which was also a fun war robots hack game. To most, War Robot seems that Mechwarrior came back in the form of War Robots. Either way, War Robots is an awesome game that one can enjoy on their phone. We are going to look at the game and see what it is all about.

What to  Expect In war robots

In the game, similar to most robot games, there are mechs, guns, missiles and other interesting features that a typical gamer would fall in love with. The game is all about meeting other robots or mechs and then trying to kill them. In the initial stages, after installing the game, one will start with a single robot, which might be a bit small, but it still gives one the experience they need. The gameplay involves thrashing while in a battlefield with a walking tech. The thrill is enough to keep one glued to their phone screen for some hours.
One thing that you will love about the game is that it does not start off by wasting your time with a ridiculous tutorial. Rather, it goes straight to letting you choose a robot, and all the options and “To Battle” button appears on the bottom right corner. It is quite easy, plus it has an amazing user interface. If one is already familiar with most mobile games and how they work, one will have no problem jumping straight into the game. One can jump immediately into gameplay without having to do most of the setups. It is something common by other users because the default name for any account is “Player.” Most players on the battlefield have the name “Player.” One can change their name before they start the battles.
The experience is quite an idea, and as a new player, one will be able to learn the ins and outs of the game as they spend more time on it.

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